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Meet the Team


Founder of Pinkney Promise, est. 2016

Pain is inevitable. You need both rain and sunshine to grow; but, when the storm comes, how will you deal with the emotion?

At 13 years old, I lost my mother to Sarcoma cancer. My father raised my younger sister and I; however, I became my sister's female guidance. My younger sister Brittney was four years old. Brittney taught me the true meaning of love. My love for her has been my motivation to seek wisdom. One day, while comforting Brittney, she looked up to me and said "Pinky Promise me you will never leave me," and I didn't know what to say.


We locked pinky fingers and I Pinkney Promised her that I would never ever leave her.​ I promised my sister that I didn't have all the answers but that I would try my very best to make life a little bit easier for her. My love for people, but more importantly, my love for God has been my driving force to starting the Pinkney Promise Foundation.


A power team of woman who are passionate about Spiritual Alignment and Mental Health Wellness. Serving the community and bringing awareness to mental health with God at the center of everything we do and believe.

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