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Perfecting Our 
Puzzle Piece
to Create
God's Masterpiece

Our mission is to provide a platform to inspire, encourage, and spread knowledge about mental health wellness.

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for You.

We curate events that offer safe spaces for individuals to learn new forms of self-care and expression. 

"The services that The Pinkney Promise Foundation has provided to our university have been integral to educating our students on the topics of finding purpose, grounding oneself spiritually, and the importance of self-care and mental wellness. We always look to PP when there’s a need for a culturally relevant workshop that students can relate to. Pinkney Promise has collaborated with our campus for events such as Paint & Meditate, Candid Conversations about Toxic Masculinity and Healthy Relationship Behaviors; and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prevention Workshops. The Founder and CEO, Ms. Breyonna Pinkney exemplifies authenticity, genuineness, and diligence in everything she does; her work ethic is unmatched. Bowie State University is proud to partner with The Pinkney Promise Foundation!"

▬ Brittany Johnson

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